There are people who have healed from very serious illnesses, chronic diseases, autoimmune conditions and so on just from adopting a plant based vegan diet. There are others who healed on a keto diet. And others have healed on a raw food diet. So what is the best?

There actually is no best diet. The reason is that IT IS NOT THE DIET THAT HEALS. God heals. He works through different ways: through doctors, accupuncturists, different diets, herbs, medicines etc. If anyone claims a particular diet is the way to heal for everyone, that is the person i stay away from. They neglect to mention that God heals.

I do believe diet plays a role in health: preventative and healing. The Rambam (Maimonides, the greatest doctor of all times) says the same . I do believe diet is important and is a vessel for the blessing of health to rest upon. We need to do things by nature for health since we have a physical body and it is a commandment to take care of our bodies and health.

No matter what diet one chooses, extremes are never good in the long run. Excess of one thing is also not good in general. Each person is different: their blood type, constitution, background, upbringing, and even their stage of life. Things one can eat in their youth, can be difficult to digest in older age. Someone who had surgery to remove their colon cannot eat the raw vegetables and salads most people want to eat. Everyone’s situation is different but since God heals, the idea is to pray, connect to God, and do one’s best with diet, relaxation, reducing stress etc. Noone should feel guilty if they cannot do the diet someone claims is the only or best way to heal. Nothing is impossible for God.