Why is it that different people can eat the same foods and yet respond differently in terms of insulin response and so on? There have been studies done showing that people who are pre diabetic all have different foods that spike insulin and foods that do not….and they are not all t ypical foods that we would imagine. For example, there could be someone who eats ice cream and has no spike in insulin. The same person could eat rice and have a big spike in insulin. But the result could be the opposite in another pre diabetic person.

This just goes to show that there is no diet that suits all. Even the mediterranean diet is different for each person. Some people may do well on a diet full of vegetables. Some may not. Some may react well to olive oil. Some may not. And it is not about insulin response only. There are digestive issues, gut microbiome, weight loss or weight gain etc. etc. Every single person is an individual and all sorts of factors come into play for health for each one.

That is why we can follow certain general guidelines but each person needs an individualized diet. This can be done by muscle testing etc.

A person with digestive issues must also do medical tests to rule out parasites, celiac disease, colitis etc. Many people just think if you cut out meat you will be fine. If you cut out sugar you will thrive. And while it may be true that many people will feel better with less meat and less sugar, it is not the entire answer or the entire picture for each individual. One can never generalize in matters of health or healing.