About Us

The purpose of this site is to blog/discuss about food, diet and health in general. There are a lot of food blogs out there. Each one offers a different perspective and different advice.

My blog has a lot of information. Read through the blog pages and become informed.   Apply the ideas to your life and get back your health. Get back your balance in life. This site should be a catalyst to empower you to pursue a healthier and happier lifestyle.

On this site, I try to analyze various diets and encourage people to develop their own personalized diet based on their physical constitution, health background, digestive system, physical and emotional needs etc.


Each person is an individual. Just as we each have different tastes in food, we each have different needs and require a personalized diet to suit us.

Any diet claiming to have the perfect answer to health for the entire world, cannot be believed.  Because no two people are the same.

There are certain general health rules and certain diet advice that is beneficial for most people.

But to insist that everyone follow a doctrine of food and a particular diet would be foolish and could never work for everybody in the same way.