Are oats truly healthy?

There are different opinions on that. They definitely do offer good quality fiber and help to lower cholesterol.  But they also can be hard to digest. Many are contaminated with other grains or non organic oats. Oats must be organic or they are grown with round up sprayed on the crops.

I find that oats are good on occasion but I do not feel they offer as much nutrition as people believe. Also, many people eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast but later feel their blood sugar drop because they need protein for breakfast as well.

I prefer a breakfast of whole grain organic sourdough bread with butter or avocado and an egg or two on the side. I think that type of breakfast keeps the blood sugar levels even for longer and gives more sustained energy . You also will not feel hungry as fast.

Many people eat oat cereals for breakfast such as granola. Again, they can be good but it depends. Each person is different . But granola served with yogurt or a healthy milk (plant based or regular grassfed milk) can also be a good breakfast.  Some people feel better with oats in a baked form (granola, cookies etc.) rather than boiled oats. 

There are doctors who say oats are high in lectins that are hard to digest and unless pressure cooked, they are not a very good food. 

Each person has to see how they react to oats. Again, in moderation they can be good. But if someone believes eating a bowl of oatmeal every morning is offering a nutritious breakfast, I would think again….

It does offer nutrition. But I do not think it offers adequate nutrition to start the day and keep one’s energy levels high for several hours. Certainly sweetened oat cereals are not healthy and not beneficial. In general, boxed breakfast cereals are not healthy and give way too much sugar. Children often start the day with that and then crash an hour later or become hyperactive.  Children need protein or at least a good quality carb for breakfast.

If someone eats very sweet foods in the morning such as orange juice or a bowl of fruits, they may find that this causes a big fluctuation in sugar levels and certainly does not give sustained energy.   Bread, in my opinion, should be a good quality whole grain carb, some protein, possibly a salad and perhaps a cup of coffee (for adults) or a hot cocoa drink etc.  Fruits are good for in between meals. But if eaten on an empty stomach, they can actually cause blood sugar to rise too fast and then drop and can result in feeling tired quickly.