Many people like their bread well toasted, their meat well roasted and foods deeply fried or sauteed to the point of being very charred. People like the taste and even texture of well cooked foods. But is this healthy? Studies now show that overly baked , fried or broiled (or bar b que) foods are not healthy.  And, if you think about it, when you broil meat on an open flame, you see a lot of charred or blackened areas on the meat if it is well done and that is very greasy and is not good for digestion or arteries etc.   It is best to avoid over cooking of meats and of carb foods such as bread. 

The healthiest ways to cook meat is to boil  or bake the meat. 

Vegetables that are steamed or lightly sauteed or cooked in a bit of water are often healthier than those that are fried or baked to a crisp.  French fries, even overly baked fries , are not very healthy to eat on a regular basis.

Moderate consumption of any foods , even those that are not so healthy, is okay on occasion. Maimonides (the Rambam) also says that any food that one is accustomed to from childhood, will not be very harmful as introducing new foods to one’s diet. And any foods eaten in moderation are not as harmful as healthy foods eaten to excess.   But one’s regular daily diet should be made up of the healthier options, for optimal health and energy.