People world wide  drink gallons of coffee a day.  Yes, there are many studies showing the health benefits of coffee. But again, each person is an individual. For one person, coffee brings energy and an ability to function better. But for a person who is very stressed or has adrenal issues, too much coffee (or even a small amount) can lead to jitters, a nervous feeling and heart palpitations, resulting in increased stress.  Some people find coffee too acidic.    So is that coffee of benefit? For some people definitely it is. For others not necessarily.   And for some, their bodies will get accustomed to the coffee over time. Another point is the type of coffee consumed. Some people react well to organic coffee and yet do not feel well with non organic. Some feel good with Cuban coffee but not Colombian. Everyone is different and needs to find what goes with their body. This is a perfect example of how every person is an individual and you have to take into consideration everyone’s situation, constitution, lifestyle, stresses etc. when figuring out the right diet.

I believe tea has a place in a healthy diet. Many countries drink huge amounts of tea (like England, Iran, Asia) and there are documented health benefits.  So tea can be useful. In fact, black tea is very good for digestion and for diarrhea and stomach problems. Green tea is used a lot in Japan but it also can cause weight loss so for people with fast metabolisms and who do not want to lose weight, it may not be  a good choice. There are many herbal teas which have lots of health benefits, such as nettle tea , raspberry leaf tea, chamomile and others. Tea is always a good beverage, in cold or hot weather.