Many people find it difficult to afford meat or even chicken these days. Even fish has become expensive, let alone dairy!  So what should we eat?? Well, this is where a vegan diet or plant based diet comes in handy. I would not recommend totally discarding meat or dairy, if you have no problems with those. But cut down a lot. Concentrate on vegan recipes and also vegetarian , utilizing eggs and perhaps a bit of dairy as needed. This provides adequate protein, amino acids and nutrition without necessitating large quantities of expensive meat or other products.

I did some research into the blue zones of the world. They are mostly on islands, which explains the healthy pure air.  They all eat mostly plant based but majority did consume some meat and some dairy and certainly eggs. But even in the blue zones, the diets differ quite considerably. So obviously health is not only about a particular diet.  It is very connected to a healthy, happy social life, good family relationships and of course healthy air and good exercise.

But what kind of exercise did people in those blue zones do? Nobody did aerobics or pilates!  However, they kept very active physically: walking a lot, up and down mountains, working in the garden, cleaning their homes and maintaining their properties and many of them danced a lot in social settings. This is the kind of “exercise” everyone used to do for generations. And I do not even call it exercise. I call it a physically active lifestyle.

Our generation is more sedentary so we think we need drastic exercise routines to keep us healthy. But just increasing one’s daily activities (walking more, biking, swimming, dancing and working harder) is the key to good health.  Keeping the circulation healthy and the heart healthy is also a big factor in health.

Emotional health of course is very important as that also maintains a healthy body. We all know how the mind affects the body (psychosomatic). 

So let’s all get moving more, being active and trying to increase our plant based foods. You can go to my vegan recipe section for some good plant based recipes to try.