Nuts are healthy when consumed in moderation (and preferably raw rather than roasted, even dry roasted). But again, dry roasted nuts at times are okay (such as pistachios).  There are so many different nuts and all provide nutrition and are helpful as snacks.    I do believe it is good to incorporate some nuts into one’s diet.  In the middle east, dessert was always a tray full of nuts, dried fruits like dates, and even fresh fruits. This tray was passed around the room or set out on the table and everyone ate. It was certainly healthier than the sugar laden cakes, cookies and candies American society became accustomed to.  Many children think dessert has to be chocolate cake. They cannot imagine eating fruits or nuts. That is the sad reality of today’s society. ( For those who cannot eat nuts due to allergies, don’t worry: there are plenty of other healthy foods you can eat. Anyhow, many people are allergic to one particular type of nut, but not necessarily all nuts)

 Fruits can be made into granitas, or ices, or a kind of sorbet. These can be a delightful treat, especially in hot weather, for special occasions. They can be made without sugar, substituting maple syrup or even honey instead. Or some can be made with no sweeteners at all. But artificial sweeteners should be shunned at all times.  

It should be noted that very cold or frozen foods are not very good for the digestive system in general and should be used only in very hot climates, and in moderation. 

The digestive system requires hot food and lightly cooked foods to help break down fibers and aid in proper digestion.   So it is not only what you eat: it is how you eat and prepare the foods. And even what environment you eat the foods in (in a relaxed, calm manner, together with family etc.). If a person eats in a rush or in an angry or nervous mood, that itself affects digestion negatively.