When we eat well, sleep properly, have adequate exercise and fresh air, we keep our immune systems functioning to the maximum, hence aiding resistance to viruses and bacteria.  This is something many people do not realize. For example, in the winter, when the weather is very cold, if we are lax about dressing properly when we go out, and wind hits our sinuses or ears, we may then find our resistance lowered and we become sick (either with an actual cold . or a sinus or ear infection, or sometimes we just catch every virus going around). So everything helps for guarding our health and preventing problems. The key is really in prevention.  And a great part of that is building and maintaining healthy and strong immune systems. Many doctors are of the opinion that people with strong immune systems will not catch coronavirus or other viruses, and even if they do catch them, they will overcome them more easily and have milder symptoms.

There are some hospitals that are now serving organic foods and finding that their patients are becoming healthier naturally.  In Japan there are doctors who treat their patients with organic vegetable juices and see good results.  But the main thing is to try to prevent problems before they happen.

Imagine if every hospital served healthy, organic food. Imagine if every hospital promoted healthy diets to facilitate and speed healing (and keep patients healthier once they are discharged, by teaching them how to continue to eat well and about nutrition).  Many problems, in particular stomach issues, respond well to diet.

Preventative medicine is far better than trying to cure problems after they happen.  But the medical establishment does not like that idea: they make more money selling medicines and the pharmaceutical companies put a lot of pressure on the doctors to constantly prescribe medicines.  People often are medically oriented, looking for solutions in popping pills. But in reality, people need to take responsibility for their health and do their utmost to prevent health issues.   Obesity has become a huge (forgive the pun) problem in many developed countries.  But at the same time people are not properly nourished because they eat empty calories that have no value (such as processed foods, potato chips for snacks, cookies and other things that make a person gain weight but do not provide adequate nutrition).   We need to become aware of nutrition and teach our children. We need people to understand what foods have value and what foods are empty calories that simply put on weight. The United States is quite low down on the list of healthy countries because our lifestyle and eating habits are not so healthy anymore. It is time to change for the better. Let’s take our health back, not just our country!

Prevention is very important. When we eat a balanced, healthy diet we are often able to prevent problems such as obesity, high blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and so on.  And that is the key to good health: prevent problems before they begin.  This is what we must teach our children as well. Educate them from a young age to eat right and to understand nutrition.  Every school should teach nutrition courses. Every mother should educate herself and hence her family. The more knowledge we have about health, the more we are empowered to make right choices and take responsibility for our health.

Sometimes you may feel under the weather, as if you are coming down with something. Maybe you have a little pain in your throat or tonsils, or you may feel tired and as if you are trying to fight off a virus or cold.  In such a case, one protocol that helps a lot is the following:

Squeeze a fresh orange and drink the juice (or eat the whole orange if you prefer).  You need a boost of vitamin C

Throughout the day squeeze fresh lemon into water and drink it.

Rinse your mouth with salt water to get rid of bacteria.

Eat a hot bowl of miso soup with scallions (sharp things like scallions, onions and garlic help to fight off and prevent illness).

Eat some hot curry food (use spices like curry powder, turmeric, ginger and black pepper in your food). This helps a lot to combat colds and detox the body.

Drink hot tea, with or without honey. Honey is good if you have a cough.

Radishes are very good for coughs and tend to clear the lungs. That includes horseradish.

Hot chicken soup is also very effective to ward off colds and viruses.

Spices like oregano and thyme are also good for avoiding flus and things like that.

Prevention is half the cure!