There are people who have healed from very serious illnesses, chronic diseases, autoimmune conditions and so on just from adopting a plant based vegan diet. There are others who healed on a keto diet. And others have healed on a raw food diet. So what is the best diet for healing? There actually is no best diet. The best diet depends on the problem, each person’s physical condition and constitution etc.  Each one must see what works for them. The reason is that it is God who heals, not the diet. Therefore, the diet is just a messenger God works through and that varies for each person. Any diet that claims to work for everyone, be wary of. Any diet that people claim can cure everything or bring constant health, be wary of.   First pray to God for health, and then choose a diet and work through that.  Each person will find a different path that works for them so go with that. In general, there are certain health principles that work for most people so we should obviously reduce or eliminate sugar, too many refined carbs, unhealthy oils, deep fried foods and so on. But just doing that may not be enough for healing: we need the blessings of God and we need to see which diet we find good results with. Each one is different.