Health includes physical health, emotional health and of course spiritual health. We cannot separet them. If a person is spiritually healthy, it will make a difference to physical health. For a Jew, eating kosher makes a difference in health. Even if a Jew eats healthy food, if that food is not kosher it certainly will not bring health the same way that kosher food would because a Jewish soul and body requires kosher food to allow it to function to its fullest capacity. Kosher meat, for example, influences a person’s thoughts, emotions etc. Nevertheless, just because a food is kosher does not mean it is of good quality in terms of being healthy. When it comes to meat, since the cows must meet certain standards of health to be glatt kosher, and they are ritually slaughtered and then soaked and salted to remove blood, this obviously improves the health because in the blood are all the impurities etc. It is still preferable to eat kosher grass fed beef, but at least the fact that the meat is kosher will make it a healthier choice than even the best quality non kosher meat.

But if a food is kosher (such as kosher candy, cookies etc.) and the ingredients are full of sugar, unhealthy oils etc. certainly that food is not something beneficial to one’s health.

As a Jew, a person must choose both kosher and nutritious foods to gain the greatest benefits.

For a non Jew, spiritual health is also important. Fulfilling the seven noachide laws will bring spiritual contentment and automatically greater health mentally as well as physically. Whenever a human being lives their life accoring to the laws and dictates of the Almighty, the Creator of each of us, there will automatically be benefits in terms of health and happiness.

When one is healthy spiritually, one will also feel happier and have better emotional health which naturally impacts physical health.

Everything is interconnected in the spiritual and physical world.