Health includes physical health, emotional health and of course spiritual health. We cannot separate them. If a person is spiritually healthy, it will make a difference to physical health. For a Jew, eating kosher makes a difference in health. Even if a Jew eats healthy food, if that food is not kosher it certainly will not bring good health.  A Jewish body needs kosher food to be healthy.  Every person needs spiritual health in order to achieve the ultimate physical health.  Also, emotional health affects the body and soul. A person must achieve balance in life in all matters and that helps to be healthy. If the balance is off in any way, the person could be affected in their health.   The same concept applies in food: if we over eat sugar, it affects us negatively. If we overeat even healthy food, it can have negative consequences because it throws off our digestive abilities and affects the healthy balance in our gut/body etc.  If we are spiritually imbalanced or lacking, the body suffers too. Body and soul are connected. Health is far more than simply eating physically healthy food.