I am not a believer in a totally raw vegan diet. But i do believe raw foods add a very vital element to health.We need a combination of both raw and cooked fruits and vegetables. Raw foods do add important enzymes and vitamins and minerals to our diet. But besides raw foods, sprouted foods are also very important. They are more digestible and sprouting will increase the nutrient content of the food. You can sprout organic grains, beans etc. It is very easy to do. For example, take a cup of spelt or wheat berries (organic only), wash them and then soak them overnight. The next day drain and rinse. spread them out in a wide pan or baking dish, cover with paper towels and sprinkle a bit of water on the paper towels. Leave like that overnight . If you want you can keep the sprouts in the fridge overnight and then the next day leave out on the counter. Keep adding sprinkles of water on the paper towels as they dry up. Do not over wet. After four or five days they should sprout nicely and you can then let them dry up and grind them (even in a coffee grinder). Then they can be added to smoothies, salads or even used in bread baking or in making cookies etc. They can be used raw or cooked. In fact, adding sprouted grains or beans to breads increases the nutrition and digestability .