I am not a believer in a totally raw vegan diet. But i do believe raw foods add a very vital element to health.We need a combination of both raw and cooked fruits and vegetables. Raw foods do add important enzymes and vitamins and minerals to our diet. But besides raw foods, sprouted foods are beneficial to many people.  Sprouting can make the mineral and vitamin content of food enhanced. Sprouting of grains or beans can be very helpful for health. Sprouting can also cut down on gluten content or phytic acid etc.  It makes the foods more absorbable and digestible.  BUT some things can be a problem. If you make sprouted beans, sometimes they are not easy to digest and sometimes the lectins increase, making it harder to digest.   It really depends on what is being sprouted. Sprouted grains are good, but perhaps not good to eat raw. Many sprouts have been found to be contaminated with bacteria so it is preferable to steam or use them in cooked or baked goods.  Some people make sprouted grains for their breads. That is definitely good. Some people sprout alfalfa and other things and those are good, but one must be careful to use them raw.  Certainly buying them in the market can be a problem as we never know how they are handled.  There have been many people who got sick eating raw sprouts in various salads etc at restaurants or schools. So I prefer to cook or bake with sprouted foods, or to lightly steam them .  I am in favor of sprouting in general but again, each person is an individual and some people do not do well with sprouts. Like all foods, each person is an individual and our bodies react differently to different foods, depending on our digestive systems and so on. So yes, do sprouting if you can….but if you can’t , or you do not feel great with sprouted grains or beans, dont worry. Sprout for health but only if it will increase you health.