If a person is emotionally upset, nervous, stressed , angry etc., certainly this negatively affects digestion. It also contributes to demineralization and a feeling of weakness, fatigue and lack of energy.

It is essential to learn how to relax and deal with one’s emotions in a healthy way.  It can help to drink a bit of wine to feel more relaxed and happier.

Social meals with family and friends is also good. Laughter is very good for health and digestion.

And it is very important to make sure that one eats sufficiently. Often when under stress or when upset, we tend to eat small meals or snack, and sometimes even skip meals. This is counterproductive and leads to more weakness, depression and exhaustion.

Always eat adequately: a proper breakfast (very important to start the day right), a proper lunch and supper can be lighter , if you like, but adequate in nutrition.  Eating enough calories and healthy fats is also important for satiation and energy.

People tend to “punish” themselves by not eating when they are upset or depressed. We often associate food with good behavior or with happiness and if we feel unworthy, we may subconsciously stop eating. Or, sometimes people eat less as a sort of message to others that we are upset and suffering.

So be sure to take care of yourself and eat in a balanced, healthy manner. Guarding your health is very important. If you don’t do it, who will??

Some longevity studies have indicated that long life and good health is not just about diet or even exercise: it has a lot to do with happiness. If we are happy and have a good social life, we tend to thrive. This is human nature. So do your utmost to be happy, stay happy and not over stress or over think things.    Do not destroy your health through negative emotions and lack of proper eating or life style. Remember: there is a lot of bombardment of chemicals and air pollution and noise pollution and stress from outside yourself.   At least inwardly try to remain calm, focused and look after your health.