Even if we eat the healthiest foods and we exercise regularly, environment also impacts our health. For example, air quality makes a huge difference. Living in a place with clean, unpolluted air is essential for better health, especially when we walk or exercise outdoors. Chemicals in cleaning products, plastics, cooking utensils etc. all affect health. It is important to minimize chemical use and also to buy quality, stainless steel pots (no aluminim and no teflon etc.). Everything matters. Many people use cooking bags to avoid washing pots afterwards but those bags are full of chemicals. Most people use baking paper but many types of baking paper contain forever chemicals! In general, the less we use products with unhealthy chemicals, the better it is. Dont shy away from washing pots and pans. Dont resort to tin foil pans. I know it is difficult and people dont have time or energy to clean much but try to make the time and effort. Your health will thank you for it. Of course, occasionally anything is okay. Passover, when I really cannot wash so many pans and I need to bake and cook a lot, I do use tin foil pans. That is basically once a year that I treat myself. But I do not use tin foil pans for acidic foods and if i try to avoid covering a pan with tin foil as the covering often comes off on the food. Just become aware of chemicals. Read labels on food packaging as well. In cereal boxes or packaging there are chemicals. In many foods there are hidden colorings or additives. Perfumes, make up, hair products all contain chemicals that are not necessarily healthy. Deodorants have already been proven to be unhealthy in general and in fact block the body from releasing toxins etc. So try not to apply deodorant to your body: apply it instead on clothing. Or use a healthier kind. You need to take control of whatever aspect of your life you can and try to create a healthier environment at home.