Even if we eat the healthiest foods and we exercise regularly, environment also impacts our health. For example, air quality makes a huge difference. Living in a place with clean, unpolluted air is essential for better health, especially when we walk or exercise outdoors. Chemicals in cleaning products, plastics, cooking utensils etc. all affect health.  Even sound pollution can leave a person feeling agitated and nervous which affects health as well.

Environment plays a big role on the food chain as well. If food is grown in a healthy, organic environment, it is good. If however the food is grown in places with heavy pesticide use, sprayed with roundup and milk comes from cows that are given antibiotic shots or growth hormones, those foods can never be healthy. 

Cows raised on grass in a clean environment will produce healthier meat than cows fed grain or foods that are not natural to a cow. 

Everything matters.

Quality of water quality also matters.  Many cities or countries do not have good quality water or the water is full of chemicals.

If someone lives in a place full of trees and greenery….or near a beach…obviously this adds to good health and relaxation. 

So besides good food, make sure your environment is clean and healthy as well…at least to the degree possible.