There is some controversy about nuts. Besides some people being allergic to certain nuts, some people say nuts are hard to digest or nuts have phytic acid etc. etc. I feel that almost every society throughout generations has utilized nuts (in moderation of course). I believe nuts can be a very healthy part of one’s diet. But it is best to get organic nuts wherever possible. Walnuts are high in omega 3’s however they are best eaten raw. Once you toast nuts, they lose some nutritional value and it also may cause some free radicals as the oils are heated. Also, if a person eats the nuts whole, we do not absorb the full percentage of fats in the nuts (which is fine because we may not need the full amount and hence we will not gain weight as easily from nuts). But if someone wants to gain some weight or may need some help absorbing the nutrients in the nuts, it may be preferable to grind them, hence making the oil more available and breaking down the fibers so it is easier to eat. There are many ways to use nuts and it is good to have a variety. Nuts are great for snacking on . Pistachios are very good . Almonds are great but I prefer to soak them overnight and keep them soaking in a covered container in the fridge and peel them before eating. the skin of nuts is hard to digest many times. And some people recommend soaking most nuts but I feel that almonds need soaking because of the skin. They are great to add to smoothies or even to eat like that once you peel them. So try to add more nuts to your diet. They have many health benefits.