These days everyone speaks about the microbiome and how important it is to be properly balanced for a healthy gut. We can look at the microbiome like a garden: in order for vegetables to grow, we need a proper balance of nutrients in the soil, we need to remove damaging weeds and we need to make sure the environmental conditions are right to promote healthy growth. Same with our guts. We need a healthy balance of bacteria and nutrients to promote good digestion, good elimination, proper absorption of nutrients and overall good health, low inflammation etc. So what helps the microbiome? prebiotics such as vegetables, fruits (in modereration), and of course probiotics which are generally fermented foods such as real yogurt, kefir, miso, tempeh, kimchi , sauerkraut etc.

It is important to eat a well balanced diet and to avoid sugar and refined carbs as well as unhealthy oils in order to keep our mircobiome healthy and functioning well. Fiber is very important for a healthy microbiome: that includes vegetable fiber, some types of whole grains (oats etc.), coffee and some fruits.

Some studies have shown that meat can have an inflammatory affect or disturb the balance of the microbiome. Therefore, it is suggested to limit consumption of red meat and in general it is advisable to eat animal proteins in small, healthy quantities.

L’chaim to a healthy microbiome!