Even if you are eating the “right” foods for your body, there is an important matter to consider: Chemicals used to grow the grains/vegetables/fruits etc.  and how these chemicals, like glycophate, are contaminating even some of the organic growing and how these pesticides harm our stomachs, brains etc. Many people are sensitive to gluten. Many people react to different chemicals/colorings/preservatives etc. 

It is important, as much as possible, to choose organic foods. This is particularly important with grain products, especially oats, which must be organic because of the high use of glycophate in growing oats. 

Vegetables such as greens, lettuce, tomatoes etc. should be organic wherever possible as well.

Dairy is another big problem in America because of the way it is processed and made. Many dairy cows are given injections of antibiotics or even growth hormones etc.  The quality of milk is not very healthy in America and therefore the dairy is not very beneficial. 

Even fish can be problematic these days. Many types of fish are farm raised, fed pellets of color etc.  Those fish should be consumed infrequently.

Meat and chicken are another issue. Meat is a healthy food in moderation but the meat should be from grass fed cows if possible.

Chicken is a very popular food but is it healthy? In America the chickens we have are usually mass produced, not fed a proper diet, not raised in a healthy way and therefore it is no longer a very healthy product. Perhaps it is fine to eat it once or twice a week but it is better not to overconsume chicken unless it is organic and raised properly.

Small amounts of unhealthy foods are not necessarily going to be harmful but on a regular basis, it is good to try to consume foods with less chemicals, hormones etc. This is something people in past generations never had to contend with but nowadays foods that should be and used to be healthy, can now be problematic.