Even if you are eating the “right” foods for your body, there is an important matter to consider: Chemicals used to grow the grains/vegetables/fruits etc.  and how these chemicals, like glycophate, are contaminating even some of the organic growing and how these pesticides harm our stomachs, brains etc.

Many people are sensitive to gluten. Or is it really the wheat?  Or is it the pesticides in the wheat which originally cause the damage ?  It is very hard to know.

Certain fruits and vegetables should be organic or avoided.

The same with grains: they should be organic, particularly wheat, oats and corn. 

Many people claim they feel much healthier being gluten free.  Many people have found the gluten increases their autoimmune conditions.  This has already been shown scientifically in many cases. It definitely can be pesticides and chemicals that also cause autoimmune problems.

Should we all be gluten free? Not necessarily.   But be aware that nowadays most grains can cause some inflammation in the body so at least reduce grain consumption and use organically grown grains and produce.

There is no “Perfect” diet .  And there is not diet that makes everyone feel amazing. Each person is an individual and each person has different conditions, sensitivities, needs etc. BUT we all can benefit from eating more organic produce (or even growing our own wherever possible), consuming less gluten and if we do eat gluten, try to make it sourdough (fermented for at least 24 to 48 hours, if not more), and definitely avoid refined sugar as much as possible.

Refined sugar is a problem because of the way it is refined, using many chemicals.

Same with refined oils.

So here’s to health!