Many people struggle with trying to lose weight or trying to eat healthier. Most make the mistake of denying themselves many foods or many categories of food in order to control their appetite and reduce their consumption of food. But this is very counter productive. Most diets are not sustainable in the long run. Most people give up after some time and even become worse. This is not healthy for one’s self image. Health requires discipline. But discipline does not mean we have to cut out many foods from our diet. If a person has celiac or an actual allergy, then certain foods need to be avoided and eliminated. But an average person who wishes to be healthy and even to lose weight needs to become disciplined in portion amounts. The key is everything in moderation. Overeating even healthy food is not healthy! If you feel that you want to eat some white rice, do so. But take a quarter or half a cup of cooked rice and no more. Do not take seconds. If you suddenly feel you want some dairy, even though it is not good quality and it is in fact not beneficial for health (now studies have shown dairy does not even provide the calcium people used to believe it does), go ahead and take a little bit (a few spoons of yogurt, a bit of soft cheese or whatever). Dont eat it every day, just when you really feel you need a bit. If you feel you want some sweet food, try to satisfy your craving with a date or some fruits. If that does not work, then take a small amount of sugar or cake. Just do not overdo anything. Try to avoid certain foods that are really damaging such as high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils etc. Do your best to eliminate certain really unhealthy products. learn to read labels when you buy packaged foods. But do not cause yourself to suffer by forcing yourself not to eat many foods because chances are you will give up dieting very fast…and you also will not have a balanced diet. Health is about balance. You need variety. If you allow yourself to eat enough variety you will not feel deprived or lacking in nutrieion. So again: portion control is the key to many things. And of course moderation is the key to maintaining good health and a sustainable diet.