What foods are inflammatory? Foods high in unhealthy fats such as grain fed beef, chicken, too many eggs,  dairy and refined grains like white flour  or pasta.  Many people who have colitis are unable to eat meat as it flares their diarrhea and other symptoms.   Certain oils are inflammatory such as too many omega 6’s (corn oil, soy oil etc.). Also fried foods are very inflammatory.  

Foods which are anti inflammatory are fresh  (or cooked) fruits and vegetables, whole grains (depending which type), certain types of dairy products can be healthy but not usually those made in USA, and many spices are anti inflammatory such as turmeric, curry powder, Ceylon cinnamon, oregano, thyme etc.  

In Japan, people eat very  little red meat and they emphasize fish, vegetables and green tea.  However, they do consume a lot of white rice (but in moderate portions).  Rice is not necessarily very inflammatory since people with colitis usually tolerate rice well. 

On a Mediterranean diet there is a big emphasis on anti inflammatory foods.

If you want to have an anti inflammatory kitchen, cook with a lot of healthy spices, lots of colorful vegetables (orange, green, red, white vegetables such as white sweet potatoe, purple vegetables etc._). You also need to  cut down on fatty foods, heavy American beef, chicken and too much dairy.  Use nuts in moderation . Use fermented foods like miso and sourdough bread.

Sugar is another food which is very inflammatory and needs to be avoided.  Sugar aggravates many health conditions.   Try to substitute maple syrup or coconut sugar, but in small amounts. Too much sweet food or too many baked goods is not good even with more healthy ingredients.

Many health issues are connected to too much inflammation in the body.  Reduce inflammation, reduce pain and problems. In order to promote a healthy gut you need to get rid of inflammatory products.