Today’s world revolves around cell phones, ipads, computers, social media, video games etc. etc. It is a society of addictions. Everyone suffers some sort of addiction, whether it is to our phones, drugs, liquor, movies, food etc. How can we combat this? By allowing technology to be put on the back burner. Use it only when necessary. Do not busy yourself with it all day, at every moment. Get back to reading books instead of watching movies like a zombie. Reading develops the brain and allows for creativity, healthy imagination etc. Videos take away your imagination and dictate life.

If we truly want to be healthy, we need to prioritize our lives and get back to basics: family, healthy food, exercise, proper sleep and doing something for the spiritual aspect of our lives as well.

Happiness increases health and immunity. But in order to achieve greater happiness, we need to emphasize proper relatoinships, healthy lifestyle and a strong sense of purpose in life.

Happiness should not be substituted for pleasure. Of course spiritual pleasure (or the pleasure derived from learning a deep topic etc.) is a more refined form of pleasure. But in general, we need to strive for true happiness rather than temporary pleasure which would only drag a person down in life.

When our lives are organized properly, we then can have improved health. Do not become a slave to technology. Be in control of your life and your family. Be in control of your eating (how many of us overeat while watching a movie? but you seldom overeat reading a book….)