This statement is really true. Nowadays, the most important aspect of health care is preventative. We need to do our best to prevent health issues in order to maintain good health. Preventative medicine includes proper diet, exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, emotional and psychological health and learning/teaching about health at a young age in order to develop a healty lifestyle.

Everyone today talks about inflammatory diets and what foods are anti inflammation . That is important but there is more to health than that.

Many people are allergic/intolerant to many foods which then create inflammation or other issues. For example, corn is a huge problem for many people in today’s society. Even organic corn. Corn is hidden in everything from vitamin D (which is inside many dairy products) to ketchup to regular vinegar etc. etc. Many candies contain hidden corn derivatives.

Allergies or intolerances can cause skin problems like eczema and rashes, as well as breathing problems and even depression, anxiety etc.

Lack of energy is a big issue for many people. Lack of energy has many causes but if we eat a balanced healthy diet it will result in increased or more sustainable energy. Many people eat a lot of sugary foods or carbs. they do generate energy but the energy drops fast as well, resulting in that “crash” and tired feeling. Protein creates more sustainable energy and healthy fats as well.

Overeating and lack of adequate movement will also block energy levels.

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