Why do we like plates full of color?  And why do we crave salty, sugary and oily foods?

We like colors because every color is healing to different organs and energies in our bodies and we need all the color spectrum for good health.  Different colors contain different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  For example, the color white is beneficial to the lungs. So radishes and potatoes are good.

The color red is good for the heart (beets, tomatoes etc.). The color orange is good for the spleen. The color green is healing and cleansing to the liver.

Each organ controls different bodily functions as well.

The different flavors also are necessary for health. Salt is needed for good kidney health (of course in a balance way).

Sugar (or sweet foods, which include fruits) are needed for different functions in the body as well and give lots of energy.

Sour foods are good to cleanse the liver.

Oil is good for many functions, including different hormone levels and so on. But oil needs to be a healthy type of oil (olive oil, butter, healthy fat from grass fed beef , fish oils etc.)

But when we do not eat in a balanced state, we tend to lack nutrition and hence develop cravings.

Unfortunately, the processed foods are overly saturated with unhealthy oils or are fried, and they are full of refined sugar and way too much salt.

For the past many generations the western world has made fat sound evil and therefore promoted low fat yogurts and meats without fat and so on….the problem is, once the fat was removed, the foods had no flavor and therefore they had to add sugar and starches to make a flavor and a proper texture.

Potato chips are loaded with unhealthy oils and lots of salt. Salt becomes addictive. If you overeat salt, you also become addicted to it.

Same with sugar. Foods are full of unhealthy sugars and the body starts to crave more.

The same scenario plays out with refined carbs. We crave more as we eat them. Refined carbs , however, are more satisfying because they fill us properly and digest differently.

So make sure to eat less refined foods, avoid refined sugars, avoid fried foods but incorporate healthy fats, and incorporate the entire color spectrum in your meals as much as possible. This will help to keep you balanced, healthy and happy.