The body has an amazing ability to heal, given to us by our Creator. We just need to provide the body with the right natural resources. that includes proper diet, rest, exercise, herbs and even mental/emotional health.

Proper nutrition is so important for health. As much as eliminating wrong foods is important, equally important is providing proper nutrition and making sure we are not missing any vitamins and minerals. Many people think that health is just about cutting out junk. that is only half the story.

There are many illnesses that are caused by a lack of adequate nutrition. It is essential to train our children even from babyhood to eat healthier foods and to eat enough variety. Children are often picky eaters. But we have to do our best to make food look colorful and children tend to choose the foods their bodies need. But the trick is not to offer them the junk foods. Dont put sugary junk in front of little children. Offer them healthy options so whatever they choose will be nutritious.

Hospitals should be places of healing. To encouirage that, not only are medications and procedures important, but healthy diet is equally important. If hospitals would give the patients nutritious and healthy meals, many would do far better. Same with old age homes. It is time to recognize the power of healing which is in nature and to harnass that for a healthier society at all ages.