This happens to everyone at some point in time. The secret is to know how to get back into balance. If, for example, you eat too much bread in one day, the next day you may not want to eat bread at all. Or, if you eat something with too much oil, avoid oil for a day or two and eat more green salads with lemon juice. If you eat too much sugar, balance yourself with saltier foods and with lots of water. If you eat too much food in general, give your digestive system a rest and go several hours without eating (if you can) and certainly eat much smaller and lighter meals until your body is back to normal. If you over eat you may experience bloating, more gas, possibly even stomach pain. Your stomach cannot digest well if you eat too much at one time. Very important to eat smaller meals, even if you need to eat more frequently. But overeating at one time is never healthy. If you need to unbuckle your belt or your clothing get too tight, you know you have overeaten. You need to swing back to a proper balance of food.