In order to eat a properly balanced diet, one needs a good variety of food. For example, if one day you eat bread three times a day, breakfast, lunch and supper, by the night time you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable, overly full and not balanced inside. The body needs variety and proper portions. Also, some foods are best eaten in the morning (such as bread) and some are best eaten in the evening.
Some people in western society eat pasta with cheese all the time, or grilled cheese sandwiches. People are used to quick and simple meals: open a can of tuna, eat bread with cheese, cereal and milk….but this is not a healthy way of eating. It is okay on occasion (if you are traveling or very busy) but in general, one must plan one’s meals and try to eat a proper variety of food and in proper combinations of meals.

For breakfast, a wholegrain sourdough toast with a bit of butter and a little honey is good. For lunch a vegetable soup, some baked vegetables in the oven and a bean dish would be a welcome meal.
For supper, some basmati rice with vegetables and a fresh salad as well as a little protein such as baked salmon is good.

Everything should be eaten in moderation and in variety: this ensures one gets enough of the right amounts of minerals, vitamins and protein. It also keeps one from getting bored with meals or resorting to lazy food preparation (such as pasta all the time).

So remember: choose lots of varieties. Different colored vegetables, different colored fruits, different types of beans and proteins and different types of starches such as quinoa, or rice, or other whole grains. Keep it healthy, balanced and varied. That is the tip for today!