Most societies are now promoting extreme exercise: pilates, aerobics etc. People are pushing themselves more than they are physically capable of. Is this healthy?

we know that exercise is important to stay fit, control weight, improve immunity and prevent diseases, stroke etc. But is too much exercise healthy?
In short, NO. While exercising is a must, there is a limit to human endurance. If you push yourself too much, it is actually counter productive and can lead to heart problems, lowered immunity, greater vulnerability to infection etc. People can end up with eating disorders, headaches, heart palpitations etc.

So again, it is all about BALANCE. MODERATION AND BALANCE.

Too much intense exercise is not healthy. Studies have shown that men who did extreme intense exercise developed irregular heart beats. People who do little exercise or just normal, were better off.

So again, we do need exercise. We need to keep our bodies moving and flexible. But we do not have to over strain ourselves, thinking we are going to be in better shape. Exercise can be walking a lot, swimming, playing tennis or badminton, working out but at a gentle pace etc. Everyone is different and everyone’s body is different. But in general, nothing that is taken to an extreme is good in the long run.